Craig Beach Village

Craig Beach Mayor and Council would like to make you aware of these important notices:

Craig Beach Village and Council respectfully asks you to vote "YES" for the upcoming Police Levy on November 7th.

To assist you with your understanding:


  • A 3 mill levy amounts to .30 cents for each $100 of valuation.
  • Valuation is calculated every 6 years for all properties in Mahoning County by the County Auditor's office.
  • This Valuation is NOT the worth of your property or the selling price.
  • Your "taxable valuation" is on your Real Estate Tax Bill: on the right side of the bill look at the box labeled 35% TAXABLE VALUE.
  • To estimate the cost of the levy for you:  take the "total" in the 35% TAXABLE VALUE box and divide it by 1000.  Multiple that amount by 3.

For Example:

If your Appraised Value is $84,000 your 35% Taxable Value = $29,000

$29,000 divided by 1000, times 3 = $87

For $87 PER YEAR this homeowner can vote "YES" and we can all have BETTER POLICE COVERAGE FOR OUR VILLAGE.

July 2017:

Kauffmann Disposal LLC is now offering trash pick up for Craig Beach residents.  Their rate is $48.00 per quarter.  They accept checks, money orders, credit and debit cards and cash. Customers may also pay online at need an account number first. Two 96 gallon trash cans or three 64 gallon cans are allowed or an equal volume using smaller cans. Bags are allowed. We ask that bags are not excessively heavy so that our driver and helper are not injured picking them up. The landfill does not accept tires, oil, gasoline, older televisions, concrete, construction materials, air conditioners, appliances, cans of paint must be dried out using clumping kitty litter then placing the can of dried paint in a plastic bag, radio active material or chemicals. We allow one large item per month such as a sofa, bed or furniture. Glass must be broken and place in a cardboard box. Wet cardboard boxes will not usually be picked up as they fall apart. Mattresses larger than a twin must be folded in half and tied or taped and preferably not soaking wet.Televisions are accepted at Southside Recycling on Southern Blvd. in Youngstown. Should a person cancel service with another company that has provide them a can, that company will need to pick that can up. Office hours for Kauffman are 9 am to 6 pm Monday - Friday but we frequently answer calls earlier.  330-781-0449  Mailing address is 1977 Medford Ave, Youngstown, OH 44514-1029.

June 2017:

Craig Beach Village will be putting a levy on the ballot this Fall for Police.  Please talk to any Council member or any member of our Police Department to learn more.  Craig Beach Village is a beautiful community and your council wants it to continue to be a safe place for our families, our children and our seniors.  Please support the levy and tell your neighbors to vote "yes".   The levy calls for a three (3) mill operating levy to be added for the purpose of generating funds to operate the police department.  Residents can vote November 7, 2017.

May 2017:

Mahoning County is making enhancements to the 911 system.  Residents should note phone number changes.  Click on the tab above for "Departments" to see the new number and all department numbers.