Craig Beach Village

Craig Beach Village has various departments and committees that are here to serve our residents.


Robert Koehler, Police Chief

The Craig Beach Village Police Department is a professional and caring organization dedicated to the concepts of personal excellence and team work.  We believe in the dignity of all people and desire to protect individual rights. We aspire to contribute to the quality of life for all people by providing understanding and compassionate Law Enforcement services.

We take great pride in our professional accomplishments and abilities, and we profess an open partnership with the citizens of the community and other Law Enforcement agencies.

The Department places a strong emphasis on community policing and believes that without cooperation and communication from our residents we can not address their concerns. 

Our Department is honored to have officers involved with the US Marshals Violent Fugitive Task Force, Jackson Township Advanced Response Team, and Trumbull County Child Abduction Reponse Team. We have officers who are currently trained in crisis intervention (CIT). 


Police Department Phone Numbers:


Office:  330-654-5555                                                              Fax:            330-654-4157                            
Dispatch:  330-740-2370 (Mahoning County)             




Police Department Phone Numbers:


Office:         330-654-5555

Fax:            330-654-4157                            
Dispatch:    330-259-1730

(Non-ermergency Mahoning County)             



Bob Richards, Zoning Inspector 330-774-3376

Craig Beach Village is a zoned community in order to promote, improve and protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents.  The Zoning Inspector is responsible for the issuance of permits, inspection of buildings, and enforcement of the Zoning and Property Maintenance Codes.

The purpose of the Zoning Department through our property maintenance regulations is to establish and ensure standards to protect our housing stock from blight and deterioration. We inspect properties and assign responsibilities to property owners with respect to sanitation, repair and maintenance.  We strive to achieve these goals through fair and equitable treatment of all residents and property owners. 

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Zoning Permits may take 10 days from the date of application in order to be processed.  Various forms area available at the entrance to Village Hall in a outdoor bin that you can access 24/7.  (Some forms now also available on this website on far right column.  Click on the blue button(s) to download.)

police Phone


Zoning Department Phone Numbers:

Office:  330-654-2107 and leave a message in Zoning Department voicemail box.

Forms are available in a bin at the entrance of Village Hall.  You can access them 24/7.

Forms (click on box to download):

The Craig Beach Village Planning Commission is comprised of five members: the Mayor (or his designee), a member of Council (selected annually by all of Council), and three citizens of the Village appointed by the Mayor for terms of six years each. This commission has all the powers and duties as outlined in Ohio R.C. 713.02 & 713.06. They also serves as the Zoning Board of Appeals.


Mayor                       David Spencer
Council Member       Camille Gaia
Resident Member     Adrian Verquer

Resident Member     Stanley Cone

Resident Member     Adam Sabol